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Interested in a tropical escape to Gili Air? Gili Air is a tiny island off the coast of Lombok in Indonesia. This is a laidback tropical paradise with a great yoga scene, buzzing yet relaxed nightlife, a local feel and plenty of amazing places to eat and stay. Learn everything you need to know about Gili Air including things to do, where to stay, how long to go for & so much more.
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In this travel guide, we are going to be covering Nusa Lembongan in great detail! We’re outlining the basics of the island including how to get there, things to do, how to get around, who is it for and how long you need to stay.
In this guide to Gili Trawangan, we are sharing everything you need to know about Gili T. After reading this post, you should have a crystal clear idea of whether this beautiful tropical island is a destination for you!
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In this guide, we’re covering the biggest and most well-known of the islands, Nusa Penida. We’re outlining the basics of the island including how to get there, things to do, how to get around, who is it for and how long you need to stay. By the end of this guide, you should have a pretty clear idea of whether you want to include Nusa Penida on your Bali itinerary!
Are you a conscious traveller & aware of the environmental impact of travelling? By choosing to travel consciously & reduce waste with zero waste travel practices, you can do your bit to look after the places you are visiting and offset your environmental footprint by travelling. Continue reading for 10 zero waste travel tips.
In this post, we are covering 23 things that are handy to know before you embark on a solo trip to Bali.
Every culture has its superstitions and talismans to stay on the right side of fate. In this article, we're sharing some common superstitions that people ward off with talismans and why you should travel with one. Discover different types of talismans from various cultures that you can pick up on your next journey!

Byron Bay remains a sanctuary to escape from the modern world for many to receive healing and rejuvenation. If you, like many others, feel the draw to visit Byron Bay for a spiritual adventure where you can consciously escape reality, here are some of the best places to visit.

Continue reading to discover 12 underrated destinations in Europe that are incredible to visit during the summer months. Expect lower prices, more availability, fewer crowds coming from international tourism and more local vibes!
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In this post, learn about the history of Viking runes and the meaning of 6 runes that are powerful symbols to carry with you when travelling. These are the 6 runic symbols that we engrave on our jewellery to bring the energy luck, protection, blessings and happiness to your journey.
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In this post, we are sharing another list of essential camping tips. We cover camping tricks and hacks for your tent, keeping warm, packing, camp cooking and more!