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Travel jewellery is not just an accessory; it's a talisman that carries deep meanings and stories, offering protection, guidance, and luck on your adventures. 

At Off the Map Jewellery, we're proud to present unique, high-quality and hand-crafted pieces that encapsulate the spirit of exploration. All of our designs embody symbols that have guided and protected travellers for centuries. 

Our travel-inspired jewellery fits into three main categories:

  • St. Christophers
  • Runes
  • Compasses

Let's delve into the meaning and symbolism of our compass, rune, and St. Christopher travel jewellery, so you can decide which travel talisman is best for you or your loved ones for their next adventure.

St. Christopher: The Guardian of Travellers

St. Christopher, known as the patron saint of travellers, carries a story of faith and burden, symbolizing safe passage and protection of travellers, particularly at sea. Our iconic St. Christopher pendants, transcend their origins in Catholic tradition, now serve as universal symbols of good luck and safety for all adventurers.

Featured St Christopher Pieces from our Collection:

  • Storm Guardian Silver St Christopher Necklace: Meet our newest Off the Map St Christopher design. This is a contemporary twist on the classic design, crafted in solid sterling silver and personalised. The distinctive feature of this pendant is the storm patterns that gracefully envelop the revered symbol of the patron saint of travel, symbolising resilience to weather life's storms. This iconic piece serves as a beacon of protection, believed to ward off misfortunes such as accidents and illness, encapsulating centuries of tradition into a stylish accessory for the modern traveller.

  • The Keyring St Christopher Pendant: For those who prefer not to wear necklaces, the St. Christopher keychain offers the same blessings and protection, ensuring you're guarded on your journeys, no matter how you choose to carry it.

Browse all St. Christophers here!

Runes: Ancient Symbols of Magic and Mystery

Runes, with their roots deep in Viking history, are not merely letters but symbols of cosmic powers. Each rune is a beacon of philosophical and magical significance, offering protection, luck, and a deeper connection to the universe for those who carry them.

Featured Rune Pieces From Our Collection:

  • Octagon Vegvisir Viking Rune Necklace: This is our brand new Rune necklace design! Embark on your journeys adorned with the Vegvisir Viking Runes, encapsulated in our finely crafted Silver Viking Runes Pendant. This original talisman channels the spirit of ancient wisdom, guiding you through the essence of time, movement, and the ever-changing currents of the universe. Each pendant is intricately adorned with Viking Runes, capturing the mystique and bold designs of Norse culture. At the heart of the pendant lies the Vegvisir symbol, symbolising guidance and protection during travels, enriching the design with a deeper, spiritual significance.

Browse all rune jewellery here!

The Compass: Guiding You Through Life's Journeys

The compass, a timeless symbol of navigation, represents guidance, independence, and the continuous quest for direction and purpose. In our collection, compass pendants serve as reminders of the vast world awaiting exploration, encouraging travellers to follow their own path with confidence. The ability of a compass to forever point north is what makes it so symbolic, especially for travellers. You know if you have a compass you can never really get lost. The compass symbolises guidance, orientation, travel, independence, protection and luck.

Featured Compass Pieces from our collection:

  • The Travel Safe Small Compass Pendant: Our most popular piece! This piece encapsulates the essence of exploration, offering guidance and reassurance that no matter where you find yourself, you can always find your way. Showcasing an intricately designed compass and the words “travel safe - adventure awaits” etched around the border, this necklace works as the perfect memento for the adventurers in your life.

  • Silver Compass Small Dog Tag Necklace: A small sized recycled silver dog tag necklace engraved with a compass and personalized message on the front (and back too if you wish). Perfect as a gift for a backpacker, someone going away travelling, or a man who travels a lot to wish good luck and safe travels. The back can be engraved with a personal good luck message to make it a unique keepsake.

Browse all of our compass jewellery here

Each piece of travel jewellery from Off the Map is steeped in history and symbolism, designed to be a companion and protector on your journeys. Whether you're drawn to the protective embrace of St. Christopher, the ancient wisdom of runes, or the guiding light of the compass, our pieces are more than just jewellery. 

They are symbols of adventure, protection, and personal growth, making them perfect gifts for the intrepid explorer in your life or as a personal talisman to accompany you on your travels.

Explore our collection and find the piece that speaks to your soul, carrying with you a piece of the world's ancient wisdom and the protective spirits of travel wherever you go.

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