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Imagine gazing up at the night sky, at the constellations that have guided explorers in their travels for centuries. Now, what if those celestial patterns could not only inspire awe and curiosity but also shape your next travel adventure? 

Welcome to the world of astrocartography, where the stars can lead you on a journey of your lifetime.

What is astrocartography?

Astrocartography, also known as astrogeography, is a fascinating tool that maps out the influence of celestial bodies (planets, nodes & asteroids) on different locations across the Earth. By analyzing an individual’s birth chart and overlaying it onto a world map, astrocartography reveals regions where planetary energies are heightened, potentially shaping experiences and outcomes in those areas. Whether you’re seeking adventure, romance, or personal growth, astrocartography offers a unique perspective on how the cosmos can intersect with your earthly travels.

astrocartography and travel

What does an astrocartograhy chart look like?

An astrocartography chart looks like a bunch of different lines all over the globe. Each line represents a different celestial body. Locations on the map within 600 miles of these lines activate certain energies within your life depending on the planet and its location in your chart. Each planet will have multiple lines which represent the location in relation to your houses (for example ascendent/AC, descendent/DC, midheaven/MC etc - for the purpose of this article we will just focus on the energy of the planet)! It is like a great guide to choosing where to live, travel, work, find love and so on.

Download your free astrocartography chart here, (make sure you have the CORRECT birthtime. If you don't know your birthtime with certainty - our mums forget trust us - it is worth getting a birth time rectification from a professional astrologer!). 

astrocartography and travel

Once you've got your chart in front of you, let's dive into what each line might have in store for you and how you might match certain lines with specific types of travel adventures!

The Sun Lines

astrocartography and travel

Travelling to a sunline is ideal for journeys focused on personal growth, self-discovery, and vitality. 

Sun lines can illuminate the path to self-expression, confidence, and authenticity, making them the best line for solo travel adventures, wellness retreats, and activities that promote empowerment and leadership. 

Recommended for travel experiences that involve creativity, leadership, and celebrations. Sun lines are also associated with fame, being seen or known as well as the ego. Sun lines can infuse vitality, joy, and a sense of purpose into travel adventures, making them perfect for cultural immersion, music festivals, or exploring dynamic cityscapes. They may also be great places to travel for career opportunities and to be seen and recognised.

The Moon Lines

astrocartography and travel

Suited for nurturing, emotional, and intuitive travel experiences, such as wellness retreats, nature escapes, and connections with local communities. Moon lines can enhance emotional awareness, sensitivity, and receptivity, making them ideal for experiences that foster introspection, healing, and emotional renewal. They are often places where we feel comfortable, safe and at home. Most people love travelling to their moon line!

Recommended for travel adventures that involve exploring natural landscapes, coastal regions, or locations with strong ties to the lunar cycle, such as sacred sites, pilgrimage routes, or eco-friendly retreats. Moon lines can deepen connections to nature, spirituality, and ancestral wisdom, offering opportunities for emotional replenishment and inner peace.

The Mars Lines 

astrocartography and travel

Ideal for adventurous and active travel pursuits such as hiking, rock climbing, or exploring dynamic urban environments. Mars lines can fuel energy, courage, and determination, making them suitable for adrenaline-packed adventures and outdoor exploration. Just be mindful of your temper!

Recommended for travel adventures that involve engaging in extreme sports such as rock climbing, bungee jumping, or skydiving. Exploring dynamic urban environments known for their vibrant nightlife, bustling energy, and cultural diversity, or embarking on expeditions to exotic destinations known for their raw, untamed beauty and wilderness.

The Venus Lines

astrocartography and travel

Perfect for romantic getaways, indulgent escapes, and cultural experiences focused on art, beauty, and luxury. 

Venus lines can enhance experiences related to love, relationships, and aesthetic pleasures, making them ideal for meeting a new partner or deepening a sense of self-love.

Recommended for travel adventures that involve the senses. Whether that's exploring the food, art, and culture of a charming city strolling through botanical gardens, or relaxing on pristine beaches, expect moments of serenity and awe-inspiring beauty.

The Mercury Lines

astrocartography and travel

Suited for intellectual pursuits, communication-based activities, and learning experiences such as language immersion programs, writing retreats, or educational travel. Mercury lines can enhance mental agility, communication skills, and the exchange of ideas, making them perfect for stimulating intellectual adventures.

Recommended for travel that involves cultural experiences and educational tours and gaining new skills! Here your networking opportunities will be expanded and creative collaborations will flourish. It's also a great place to go if you want to do multiple things and move fast!

The Jupiter Lines

Jupiter is known as being the planet of luck that expands everything, bringing abundance, wisdom and fortune. It is usually considered the best planet in astrology! Great for expansive travel experiences, spiritual journeys, and opportunities for personal growth and abundance. Jupiter lines can amplify luck, optimism, and opportunities for expansion, making them ideal for travel adventures focused on self-discovery, philosophical exploration, or seeking new horizons.

Recommended for travel that involves visiting sacred sites, attending spiritual retreats, or participating in educational programs (especially if it is of higher education and philosophical in nature) that deepen your knowledge and expand your spiritual awareness. 

Embark on adventure holidays that take you off the beaten path, exploring remote wilderness areas, and natural wonders, or embarking on epic journeys such as trekking to remote mountain peaks or traversing scenic landscapes by bike or kayak.

The Saturn Lines

Saturn is notorious for being a difficult planet, and being one of the malefics it can bring challenges and restrictions to some people. However, as with all the planets, there are definitely benefits for going to a Saturn line. 

Suitable for disciplined and structured travel experiences, such as volunteer programs, long-term commitments, or historical and cultural explorations. Saturn lines can encourage responsibility, perseverance, and maturity, making them beneficial for travel adventures that require patience, endurance, and a sense of duty.

Recommended for travel that involves opportunities for learning, skill-building, or career advancement, such as attending conferences, workshops, or training programs in your field of interest. Saturn lines facilitate introspection and self-reflection. Use your holiday as a time for personal growth, self-discovery, and inner work, whether through meditation retreats, mindfulness practices, or journaling exercises that foster self-awareness and emotional resilience. Going to a saturn line could offer a great opportunity to find the discipline to establish new and beneficial routines.

The Neptune Lines

Ideal for mystical and spiritual journeys, artistic inspiration, and experiences that involve water, the subconscious, creativity, intuition, and transcendence. Neptune lines can evoke dreams, imagination, and a sense of enchantment, making them perfect for creative retreats, meditation practices, or visits to sacred sites.

Recommended for travel that involves artist residencies, music, creativity, and cultural immersion. Attend music festivals, cultural events, or spiritual gatherings that celebrate the arts, music, and traditions of different cultures.

The Uranus Lines

Suited for unconventional and experimental travel adventures, off-the-beaten-path experiences, and encounters with innovation and originality. Uranus lines can spark innovation, freedom, and excitement.

Recommended for travel that involves alternative lifestyles, or encounters with cutting-edge technology and culture. Hit the open road and embark on spontaneous road trips or travel adventures that allow you to follow your instincts, embrace serendipitous encounters, and explore hidden gems off the beaten path.

The Pluto Lines

 Ideal for journeys focused on personal reinvention, empowerment, and shadow work. Pluto lines can facilitate cathartic experiences, psychological breakthroughs, and the release of old patterns and limitations. These can be great places to do deeper work on yourself, your subsciounsious patterns, wounds and traumas. Pluto is about transformation through death and rebirth and the cycles of karma so expect to have intense experiences when visiting Pluto lines. If you believe in reincarnation, Pluto lines may represent places where you have lived in previous lives so can be interesting places to explore.

Recommended for travel adventures that involve exploring themes of death and rebirth, such as visits to sacred burial sites, ancestral lands, or locations associated with mythology, mysticism, and the occult, experiences that confront fears, embrace the unknown, and catalyze profound shifts in consciousness. Pluto lines can lead to encounters with transformative healers, mentors, and communities, facilitating spiritual growth and empowerment.

Lunar Nodes (North and South)

The North Node represents growth, evolution, and destiny, while the South Node symbolizes karma, past experiences, and familiar patterns. Travel adventures aligned with the North Node can lead to significant personal and spiritual growth, providing opportunities to step out of comfort zones, embrace new challenges, and align with one's true purpose. 

Recommended for transformative journeys, spiritual pilgrimages, and experiences that challenge assumptions and expand consciousness. North Node lines can facilitate encounters with mentors, soul connections, and synchronicities, guiding travellers towards their highest potential and life's purpose. 

Conversely, travel adventures aligned with the South Node may involve revisiting familiar places, reconnecting with roots, or resolving past issues and karmic patterns. South Node lines can offer opportunities for closure, healing, and integration, enabling travellers to release old baggage and embrace a path of greater authenticity and freedom.

Disclaimer and recommendations for deeper research

While exploring the intriguing intersections of astrological influences and travel, it's important to approach astrocartography with a critical mindset and acknowledge its limitations. Astrology is a subjective practice, and interpretations will vary due to the nuances of your birth chart.

The way each planet manifests in your life with depend greatly on your natal chart, where the planet is placed, what sign it is and any aspects or other influences affecting that planet. For example, you may assume that going to a Venus line is a no-brainer. But if you have your Venus in Virgo, your venus is in fall meaning you may actually have a very challenging time.

After familiarising yourself with the general energies of each planet, we highly recommend having a professional astrocartographer, like Helena Woods, give you a ready or do your own more in-depth research into the intricacies of your own chart before making a big travel decision based on astrocartography!

Take the opportunity to delve into the intricacies of your natal chart, or consult with an astrologer to uncover the planetary influences that could shape your travel experiences.

Armed with this knowledge, you can tailor your journeys to align with your personal interests, aspirations, and astrological affinities. 

Whether you're seeking to ignite your sense of adventure, deepen your spiritual connection, or simply be curious to explore new horizons, astrocartography offers a unique lens through which to view the world. 

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Bon voyage, fellow travellers, and may the stars shine brightly upon your path.