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St. Christopher pendant is much more than just a pretty necklace! St. Christopher is steeped in history and tradition, offering luck and protection to those who wear his medal.

The roots of the St. Christopher pendant lie with the Catholic Church where it was used for hundreds of years as a means of security.

But in our modern era, the significance and use of St. Christopher as a talisman for travellers has spread far beyond the confines of Catholicism.  Wearing a St. Christopher pendant bestows luck and protection to anyone who wears one no matter their age, gender or religion. 

A Saint Christopher pendant makes the best gift for a traveller because of its meaning and symbolism for travellers, but also its versatility and sentimentality. Not to mention, there are so many modern and stylish St Christopher designs to choose from!


Continue reading to learn more about the meaning of a Saint Christopher Pendant and and 8 reasons why they make such great gifts for all travellers.

First of all, what is a St Christopher Necklace?

A Saint Christopher necklace is a chain when a medallion or pendant featuring the imagery of St. Christopher, to be carried or worn around the neck. St. Christopher is one of the most popular and widely known Catholic legends, even though we don’t know if he existed.

Saint Christopher is the Patron Saint of Travellers. He was known as a giant who devoted his life to helping travellers safely get across the river. The most common and shared legend, which is featured in the classic St Christopher imagery is the story of St Christopher carrying Jesus across a river to safety.

The legend says that a child asked St. Christopher to carry him across the river. The child he was carrying was extremely heavy for his size! When they had reached the other side of the river, the child revealed himself as the son of God and when he carried the child Christ across the river, he bore the entire weight of the world upon his shoulders.

The significance comes from the fact that St. Christopher was able to protect Jesus from the dangerous river even when he bore the weight of the world. This is how St. Christopher became known as the Patron Saint of Travellers and why the pendants now represent protection, especially for travellers and sailors needing to make a safe passage through the sea. 

This legend is represented by the imagery on the St Christopher pendant, which is of a man walking across a river with a child on his back.

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When someone wears a Saint Christopher pendant around their neck, or even on a bracelet, a keyring or even in their rearview mirror in their car, they are bestowed with the protection of St. Christopher. This offers them protection from dangers as they travel and ensures their safe passage back home! 

This is why a Saint Christopher pendant is still a popular travel charm amongst travellers to this day!

Giving the gift of a St. Christopher necklace is very meaningful!

What does Saint Christopher protect us from?

Saint Christopher protects us from misfortunes that can happen when we travel or when we are moving into a new chapter in our lives. This could be when we are going on holiday, moving house, moving to a different country, graduating from college and so on. However, it is most closely associated with overseas travel which is why it makes a great gift for travellers.

The energy of all St. Christopher pendants offers us protection and luck when we leave the safety and comfort of our homes. He helps us be protected from unexpected challenges, increased risk, danger or bumps in the road, which are so common when we are travelling or in a time of transition.

Due to his association with water by protecting Jesus from the dangerous river, he is also associated with offering protection to those who spend time in the ocean. This includes sailors, divers, mariners, surfers, fishermen and so on. This makes a St Christopher pendant an especially good gift for a traveller who loves to engage in water activities such as sailing, diving, surfing and swimming.

Why does a St. Christopher make an excellent gift for travellers?

St. Christopher pendants create excellent gifts for travellers! Here are some of the top reasons to gift a St. Christopher pendant to a loved one who also loves to travel:

  1. They are perfect for men and women
  2. They are suitable for people of all ages and religious backgrounds
  3. St. Christopher pendants are classic. They will never go out of style
  4. People are unlikely to buy themselves a St. Christopher pendant
  5. It is a unique gift and can be engraved with a personal message
  6. When they are made from quality materials, they will last a lifetime
  7. They are steeped in meaning and tradition, making them a meaningful gift
  8. There is a large variety of styles and finishes available. There is a St. Christopher pendant for every taste.

Who to give a St Christopher pendant to as a Christmas gift?

While a St. Christopher pendant is perfect for travellers, there are also some other people who are also perfect for receiving a St. Christopher pendant:

1. Those bitten by the wanderlust bug

The most obvious choice to give a St Christopher pendant to is, of course, avid travellers. This can be someone who loves to go on trips overseas frequently, backpackers, long-term travellers and digital nomads. A St. Christopher pendant would be perfect for them.

Perhaps you know someone who is planning their first big solo trip overseas. A St. Christopher pendant would be the perfect travel charm to give them as a Christmas gift to ensure safe travels, especially if they are a bit nervous.

This is a thoughtful way to give a traveller a meaningful gift while giving them something they can wear near their heart as a reminder of you and their home.

2. Children

A St. Christopher can make a special gift for a child as it can symbolise the start of their journey through life, offering them good fortune and protection along the way. 

When St Christopher pendants are given to children for Christmas, they can become an heirloom piece to treasure for a lifetime (even if they don’t start wearing it until they are older!).

3. Graduates and students

People who have recently graduated high school or university are perfectly suited to receive a St Christopher pendant as a gift for Christmas. This is especially true if they are embarking on a new chapter of their education or starting a career in the new year.

A St. Christopher pendant is also an excellent gift to give a student who is leaving home to study in a different city or abroad. This is incredibly special as it most likely marks their first big trip away from home and their family.

4. New drivers

A Saint Christopher also makes a great gift for someone who has recently started driving. St Christopher pendants are often hung up in cars as they offer protection for safe travels and one of the most dangerous forms of transport is driving. Gifting someone a St. Christopher pendant who has just started driving is a thoughtful way to wish them luck and remind them to be safe.

5. Thalassophiles/Lovers of the sea

Thalassophiles are people who are obsessed with the sea and must be near it or in it most of the time. Due to St Christopher's association with safe travels through passages of water, this makes a St Christopher pendant a meaningful gift for lovers of the ocean. 

People who fit into this category include ocean swimmers or triathletes, divers, surfers, sailors, fishermen, kiteboarders, jet skiers and water sports fanatics. Quite often sports involving the sea and ocean come with risks, by bestowing the lovers of the deep with a protective pendant for Christmas, you can show them how much you care.

Learn how to care for your sterling silver St Christopher Pendant here.

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