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About Off The Map

Off The Map Jewellery Maker Designer


Hello, I'm Stevie – jewellery designer, world traveller and founder of Off The Map Jewellery.  Here I stand admiring the views at Yellowstone - good times!

Off The Map was set up in 2018 as a sister company to my other well established jewellery brand Scarlett Jewellery. It has the same award-winning quality and original design as Scarlett – but embodies a strong connection to travel, adventure and the world around us. 

For years I spent all the money I could save on travelling. Then my children came along, and I became a full time jewellery designer and maker.  One day I'll travel again with the kids - let's get this whole COVID thing out of the way first though eh?  In the meantime camping, hiking and running on the beach will have to do.

I live in Brighton on the south coast of England. Being next to the sea is important to me, as it gives me an unending horizon that inspires me and reminds me what a big world is out there.

Canyonlands national park utah

Me at the Island In The Sky Canyonlands, Utah

Golden Temple Amritsar

Me taking in the experience of the Golden Temple, Amritsar, India

Kepler Track New Zealand

Exploring The Kepler Track, New Zealand in the snow

  Sydney Australia

Me on arrival in Sydney, Australia


So, why travel jewellery?

Many travellers want a lucky talisman – like a St Christopher for protection – or a memento of a special journey. I aim to create beautifully made jewellery that keeps your travel memories close, marks your achievements and reminds you of home. 

The legacy of the whole COVID situation has made travel something we all long for, to escape the normality of life no matter how short the journey, so more than ever a gift that reminds the wearer to stay safe makes for a lasting and cherished present.

St Christophers – both traditional and non-denominational, suiting all travellers who want a lucky travel charm for their journey

Commemorative travel gifts to mark long journeys and adventures

Personalised travel jewellery that makes a unique and treasured gift, and is easy to wear.

Unique travel gifts for people who don't actually wear jewellery – like a lucky talisman for your bag or rucksack

Personalised jewellery to mark your sporting achievements, such as running a marathon, taking part in a triathlon, swimming the channel or flying to the moon (well, maybe not just yet)

Traveller bracelet good luck gift

How I work Off The Map stands for quality jewellery, made to last and finished well, featuring original designs at fair prices. Off The Map jewellery will never be cheap and cheerful, or use plated base metals. I'll always give you good value and reliable, friendly (and very personal) service - that's what you get with a 1 woman business!

Off The Map strives to be a socially and environmentally responsible company that plays an active role in the community, both in the jewellery trade and the local community of Brighton and Hove.

I am already moving to use recycled and fair trade silver and plan to be 100% fair trade and ethically sourced by 2025.  Currently approximately 40% of our silver jewellery is made using recycled silver, and as we introduce more gold into the range, 100% of that will be recycled gold.  All our chains are 100% recycled silver.

I don't use mass produced products, or companies that use child or forced labour – we work closely with, and trust, the small number of suppliers I use to make component parts of our jewellery.
Much of my work is finished in house or working with skilled jewellers in the community supporting small jewellery designer-makers, paying them a fair price for the incredibly skilled work they do.

My gift boxes are 90% recyclable and  my envelopes and packaging are 100% recyclable.
Dodecagon Saint Christopher

Where I sell

Currently I sell direct and have shipped pieces all over the world including the following countries:

  • USA

  • Australia

  • Spain

  • Germany

  • New Zealand

  • South Africa

  • France

I'm always keen to hear from any potential stockists around the world with an interest in stocking my jewellery.