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 At Off the Map, we specialise in crafting a variety of unique travel-themed jewellery pieces for men and women.

In this post, we are sharing 18 of our top jewellery gifts for different types of travellers. There truly is something special for everyone! We cover our best pieces for the luxury traveller, the budget-friendly backpacker, the first-time travellerstravellers with adventure running through their veins and the eco-friendly travellers.

All of these pieces can be purchased online with gift wrapping and delivered worldwide for free!

For Luxury Travellers

Travel Viking Rune Solid Gold Necklace


Our first pick for luxury travellers is our Viking Rune Solid Gold Necklace. Crafted

with care and precision, this necklace is hallmarked in the UK and weighs over 7g, making it a substantial and luxurious addition to their jewellery collection. 

The pendant can be engraved on the back, free of charge, allowing you to personalize it and make it truly your own.

The Viking runes on this necklace are steeped in tradition and history, representing good luck for travel and protection on your journeys. With this necklace around your neck, you can feel confident and secure no matter where your adventures take you.

Personalised St Christopher Solid Gold Necklace


Our Personalised St Christopher in Solid Gold is a timeless piece for every luxury traveller to add to their collection. Uniquely made from two pieces of solid gold, the patron saint of travel, St. Christopher is the perfect companion for any journey. 

This exquisite pendant features the symbol of St. Christopher and the words "Travel Safe Saint Christopher" engraved around the edge. Its small size means it is perfect for men and women.

Crafted with care and precision, this pendant is hallmarked in the UK and available in two thicknesses of chain. Measuring just 15mm across, this pendant may be small, but it is made of solid gold, making it an affordable luxury that will last a lifetime.

Travel Safe Outline Compass Small Solid Gold Necklace


Our popular compass pendant in solid gold is the perfect gift for a luxury traveller. This delicate tactile solid gold compass pendant has hollow spaces in the points - the message on the border reads 'Travel Safe - Adventure Awaits', bringing positive energy and well wishes to the wearer. A unique alternative (and luxurious) to the traditional and iconic St Christopher pendant, which has always been a trusted travel keep-safe steeped in history.

Solid 9ct Gold St Christopher Pendant


This classic, solid 9 carat gold St Christopher necklace is the perfect combination of protective and inspirational. It features a simple flat curb chain on a weighty solid yellow gold pendant, a meaningful reminder of safe travels. 

The back is blank and can be engraved with a personal message to make it a unique luxury travel gift for men. 

Budget-Friendly Travellers

Dog Tag Black Steel St Christopher Necklace


Our first gift for a budget traveller is our stunning personalised powder-coated black steel Saint Christopher dog tag necklace, designed to make a striking statement wherever you go, and for a very affordable price.

Featuring a sleek black powder-coated steel finish, the dog tag can be engraved on both the front and back with a personal message, making it a truly unique gift for your loved ones. Its elegant design and rugged construction are perfect for everyday wear whether you're travelling, running errands or simply spending time outdoors.

Saint Christopher Personalised Black Steel Pendant


Our Saint Christopher black steel pendant is a unique personalised powder-coated black steel etched with a message and iconic St Christopher design, with the back ready for your own personal message.

This necklace is not only stylish but also sentimental. The Saint Christopher represents safe travels and is an ideal gift for someone who loves to travel (on a budget!). 

Compass Co-Ordinates Personalised Black Steel Pendant


Finally, coming in at under £25 is our compass co-ordinates black steel pendant. This is a unique personalised powder-coated black steel etched with custom latitude-longitude coordinates of somewhere meaningful, designed to make a striking statement. This unique touch adds a personal element to the necklace that makes it one-of-a-kind.

This necklace for budget-friendly travellers is not only stylish but also sentimental.

First-time travellers

Vintage Style Personalised 'Protect Us' St Christopher Necklace


You can't go wrong with a classic and iconic St Christopher pendant for first-time travellers! This is ideal for someone going on their first overseas adventure, taking a gap year, moving out of home for college or moving to a new city or country.

This is a timeless, vintage-style St Christopher pendant made with solid oxidised silver, inscribed with the wording 'Saint Christopher Protect Us' on the front, and personalised on the back - a wonderful travel talisman or good luck charm to keep for a lifetime.

Travel Safe Compass St Christopher Small Silver Necklace


Our ever-popular Travel Safe Compass Pendant in silver makes the perfect gift for first-time travellers, especially ones who want an alternative to St. Christopher symbolism.

The intricate design features a compass to guide them along the way, and the phrase “travel safe - adventure awaits” is etched around the border. We can engrave a custom message on the back for you, making it the perfect gift for the adventurers in your life.

Let them be reminded that there is always an adventure ahead no matter where they go.

Custom Street Map 25mm Silver Disc Necklace


Our custom location or street map pendant is a one-of-a-kind necklace, a treasured gift that keeps a special place close to your heart.

This is such a meaningful gift for first-time travellers as you can place a location that is special to them from home. No matter where they go, how far they travel or what experiences they have, they will always have their home close to their heart. Subtle, abstract, discreet - only they know what it means.

Your custom map necklace has a cool abstract look, each one is bespoke made based on your chosen address, city or coordinates. 

Latitude Longitude Co-ordinates Silver Signet Ring


This stunning silver signet ring makes the perfect commemorative piece for your favourite spot--it could be home, a treasured beach, or any other cherished destination. By putting home or somewhere special to you and the person you are gifting this too, you will also allow them to be reminded to you and the safety of home as they embark on their new adventures!

Simply choose the city and country or provide the exact latitude and longitude; we'll even convert them if needed! Birthdays, graduations, and other special occasions can be celebrated with a unique piece that symbolizes a meaningful place.

For Adventurous Spirits

Traveller Keepsafe Lucky Symbols Backpack Charm


Backpacks and adventure go hand in hand! This makes our backpack charm the perfect gift for adventure-seeking travellers. Construct a unique journey with this Personalised Travel Symbols Solid Silver Backpack Charm!

Handcrafted from sterling silver with your choice of symbols, this piece is ideal for their explorations.

Adorned with Hamza, Lucky Cat, Viking Runes, Passport, Aeroplane, Compass and more, take this emblem of fortune and lucky travels on all their journeys!

Running Shoe Climbing Carabiner Silver Key Ring


Does the traveller you are buying a gift for love to run? Look no further than our running shoe climbing carabiner silver key ring as a special gift for them!

BORN TO RUN reads the sole of this quirky running shoe. An easy, cool and original key ring if you just live to run, our solid silver running shoe is fixed to a working screw-closure carabiner key ring. It can be fixed to a bag on the road or used for keys when you are home. 

Climbing Carabiner Silver Necklace


Another wonderful gift for adventurous souls who love to climb and hike. Climbers and mountaineers value safety and strength. With our working Carabiner Silver necklace they can now wear something that truly symbolises both of those things.

The solid silver pendant comes with a silver curb chain, perfect for adventurers of any gender.

The ideal accessory for backpacking, globetrotting, or even a gap year - wear it on and off the peaks as you explore those epic lands!

Triathlon Small Swim Bike Run Personalised Silver Necklace


Swim. Bike. Run. Repeat. The motivation for hardy sportsmen and triathlon competitors across the world. If you know an adventurous athlete then this pendant is the perfect gift for them from our collection.

It features a bold cog-shaped pendant with the symbols of the runner, cyclist and swimmer in the centre, bordered with the motivational words 'SWIM - BIKE - RUN - REPEAT', each word separated by star symbols. Perfect detail in a compact size for both men & women.

For Eco-Friendly Travellers 

Travel Safe Recycled Silver Necklace


Dispatch your travelling amigos off to explore the world with a positive token of luck - the 'Travel Safe' recycled silver charm pendant.

Each recycled silver charm is engraved with 'Travel Safe', a charm which will guide them on their epic journey. Handcrafted from solid silver, it comes with an original gift card on a weighty silver curb chain, suitable for both men and women.

This is a contemporary, stylish spin on the traditional St Christopher, sending your loved ones off with good travels and safe journeys.

Recycled silver is a great way to give a gift to someone who is eco-conscious.

Travel Safe Recycled Silver & Vegan Paracord Bracelet


Send them off with a very good luck charm, that is also sustainable. Our vegan bracelet has 'Travel Safe' inscribed in recycled silver on a paracord bracelet.

A great token for travellers, each charm is hand-crafted in solid recycled silver & well-wishes for a safe voyage. The bracelet is created in our Off The Map workshop with durable paracord & adjustable sliding knots.

Travel Rune Recycled Silver Necklace


Carry luck and protection wherever you roam with this Travel Rune Silver Necklace! Adorn yourself with a small, solid silver Rune pendant on a recycled silver chain - the perfect size and weight for your adventures.

Runes, the ancient alphabet of sacred symbols, offer guidance and protection.

Customize the back of the pendant with a special message for good fortune. Choose the rune that best reflects your journey and relish in its positive energy. This organic-shaped silver pebble pendant comes on a silver curb chain, suitable for any gender.