Travel Rune Climbing Carabiner Silver Key Ring


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The sacred marks of the runic alphabet are one of the the earliest forms of writing, and were used as carved protective symbols - bringing luck and protection to those who carried them with them. A great gift for a traveller who doesn't wear jewellery.

There are many runes related to travel, so choose the one that fits best with your journey and take its positive energy with you. Your chosen rune is carved into an organic shaped silver pebble tag attached to a working screw-closure carabiner key ring - fix it to your bag or use it for your keys, to carry your travel luck with you.

Choose your rune:

Raido - Travel

Dagaz - Enlightenment

Aligz - Protection

Berkano - New Beginnings

Fehu - Freedom

Ehwaz - Travel For Pleasure

Perfect for:

  • Backpackers, Adventurers and Globetrotters
  • Gap Year Travellers
  • Frequent Fliers
  • Keen Cyclists
  • Adventure Sportspersons
  • Hikers
  • Marathon Runners
  • Triathletes


Dimensions and materials: Rune tag and key ring are both solid silver - key ring has a screw thread closure so take care not to over-tighten.

Rune tag measures 12mm wide x 14mm high.

Carabiner keyring measures 33mm long x 22mm wide x 5mm thick at the screw closure.

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