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Off The Map St Christopher's

Off The Map St Christopher's

October 10, 2018

Not your average Saint Christopher...

Hello!  Welcome to Off The Map!  I'm Stevie the designer, and this blog post talks about the design inspiration behind my unique Saint Christopher necklaces.

I LOVED my first St Christopher.  It was one of those traditional stamped ones, a bit blurry, with a raised image of the iconic Saint, and the back had some symbols of travel on it, a train, plane and a boat.  It was given to me by my mum on my first solo trip to Thailand back in 1999.  

After a few years of heavy wear the silver plate began to wear off.  I hadn't realised it was actually made of brass or copper underneath, and the flaking silver and orange edges made it less appealing to wear.

My designs are a mix of old and new.  The 'Off The Map' St Christopher has a unique lazer etched bold image of the Saint & Christ child surrounded by a border that does what it says on the tin: Saint Christopher - Travel Safe

My other new design is for the atheists and agnostics among us.  Not everyone wants to wear a religious icon about their person, but the symbolism is much the same.  Using an icon of a compass I designed, the border reads: Travel Safe - Adventure Awaits.  Bold to the point - an instruction to get out there, travel, enjoy and live life to the max.  This unique silver compass necklace makes an easy travel gift for men & women alike.  I can even engrave the back for you if you want to add a personal message.

I've insisted that they are all made from solid silver and where available, solid gold.  I don't want to make something with a shelf life.  I want someone who chooses one of my St Christopher's to be wearing it for a lot longer than mine - though I loved it so, it just wasn't made to last the long haul.

The two-tone mixed metal Off The Map St Christopher's have solid gold centres - using affordable 9ct yellow and rose gold, this rich colour is not going to wear off in time.  The pendants are made using two separate pieces joined together for a completely unique and bold look.

 Shop our St Christophers here


Off The Map Silver & Rose Gold St Christopher from £249


Off The Map Travel Safe Compass St Christopher from £89


Engraving on the back of our silver St Christophers. 

Get in touch to find out more.



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