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I've found in recent years (I'm 45 at the time of writing) that many of my fellow mid 40's peers have adopted a total abandon of those hedonistic years in the 1990's and instead have taken to sporting events with some admirable enthusiasm!  I know at least half a dozen just within a few miles of home who have run marathons, competed in Tough Mudder challenges, done at least one Iron Man or have a few triathlons under their belts.  

These are women with kids, men with dogs, chaps with grown families, friends who've recovered from cancer - such a broad spectrum.

It was always a plan to make a triathlon necklace at the launch of Off The Map but it's honestly taken months of work to get it JUST right.  I didn't want to make some flat, boring piece you'd easily confuse with some brass plated nonesense you'd find on Ali-Baba.  This had to have real character.  And so here it is!  AND if I do say so I'm rather pleased with it!

The design is simple and striking.  The size is discreet, the detail really unique.  The silver pendant is a cog shape with the icons of the triathlon sports designed by us in house and deeply carved into the curved front face of the pendant.  In true Off The Map style you can have it engraved with your race time or event location on the back and have it finished any way you like - matte, polished or antique look.

These commemorative Triathlon pendants are easily wearable by the toughest of men and women - two chain styles available in a load of lengths.  

Hope you like them!



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