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Why I'm taking part in the Climate Strikes

I'm just me, and a small business, one without much influence on the world.  But it would be pig ignorant of me not to realise that in great numbers people like myself who care about the future of the planet and want to see change don't stand up together and make ourselves counted.

I'm closing the workshop today to take part in the Global Climate Strikes to demand that the people greatly in charge of how this world runs take notice and make real change to how things are done.  It's probably already too late (but I really hope not!) but passing the buck from one government to another, making dumb comments such as 'well what's the point in us doing it if they aren't over there' and failing to act is just not an answer.

I make jewellery.  I am fully aware that it's an industry that has a lot to answer for overall for it's treatment of the world, which is why an increasing number of my designs are now made exclusively from recycled silver and that number is growing, eventually it will be 100%.  Finally my suppliers are taking notice and realising if they don't start making the most of what's one of the most readily available and easy to recycled materials then I'll be taking my business elsewhere.

That's ALSO one of the reasons why I think it's important to create jewellery that's not made of brass, tat, plated steel or set with crummy plastic stones and fake pearls that are near impossible to break down and recycle compared with hallmarked silver and gold.  People have been wearing jewellery for millions of years, and it shouldn't totally stop, but just think of what happens to that necklace or bracelet you bought for £2 at the fast fashion shop that breaks in a month.  Do you take it to your jewellers, get it valued and get paid hansomely for it's worth?  Nope!  You most likely throw it in the landfill waste.  What a shocking waste of the earths resources.

That's exactly why I only make jewellery from hallmarked SOLID silver and SOLID gold much of which is recycled - when you're done with it, the value is likely to have increased, and instead of being buried in the earth it can be melted down to become someone elses treasure.

Travel Safe Compass Necklaces - now made from recycled silver

One Life Live It, Travel Safe & Wanderlust charms are ALL made from 100% recycled silver

We can all do our part, be it cycling to work more, walking more, getting our milk from the milkman instead of a plastic bottle, going vegan or reducing the amount of meat we eat.  Every part of it matters.  Doing nothing - there's no excuse. 

Time to wake up. I'm outta here.

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