Why You Should Travel With A Saint Christopher Travel Charm

Why You Should Travel With A Saint Christopher Travel Charm

February 06, 2020

Embarking on a big adventure can be daunting! Stepping into unknown lands is scary for you and for your loved ones that you leave behind. Sometimes we can get caught up in wondering what might go wrong.

That is why many people believe that travelling with a charm will bring good luck on your journey.  A Saint Christopher pendant is a traditional travel charm.

With a little bit of faith, a travel charm can give you and your loved ones comfort that you will travel safely and come home in one piece!

What Is A Travel Charm?

A travel charm or talisman is something you carry with you for good luck and protection on your journey. You can get yourself a travel charm or someone who wants to wish you all the best luck may gift one to you. 

Many people believe in luck and the power of carrying lucky charms with them wherever they go. Carrying a travel charm is a declaration of good luck. You are willing yourself to succeed on your journey, be happy and to return safely. 

Who Is Saint Christopher?

Saint Christopher is the patron saint of travellers, drivers, sailors, storms and gardeners.

saint christopher

He is one of the saints from a group called the “Fourteen Holy Helpers”. These 14 saints helped to fight diseases and were often called on during the Black Death in Europe.

Saint Christopher is most widely known as the patron saint of travellers. Many people never go on a trip without wearing a Saint Christopher pendant.

One day a small child asked to be carried across a river. As he was crossing the river rose and the child became so heavy that Christopher staggered under the burden. It was only with great determination that Saint Christopher was able to deliver the child to the other side. 

Saint Christopher asked the child why he was so heavy. The child told him that he had borne upon his back the world and Him who created it. The child was Christ and when Saint Christopher carried Him, he also carried the weight of the whole world on his shoulders.

The name "Christopher" means Christ-bearer in Greek.

saint christopher

Reasons To Travel With A Saint Christopher Necklace

Wearing a Saint Christopher charm is a request for his blessings and good luck. People believe that he helps to ward off misfortunes such as accidents, robberies and poor health when you are travelling.

Carry me safely to my destined place, like you carried Christ in your close embrace.

The Saint Christopher pendant is usually worn on a necklace and is used as a lucky travel talisman. It is said to bless travellers who bear it with luck and good fortune to those on their journeys.

Carrying a Saint Christopher charm on you bring you health, prosperity and faith. It is worn to engulf you in an aura of protection to keep you happy, healthy, safe and secure.

Travelling with a Saint Christopher pendant will anchor you back to your home where you received the necklace. It will also remind you of the person that gave it to you, no matter how far away your travels take you from home.

A Saint Christopher pendant also serves as a beautiful reminder of all of your intrepid adventures. You can keep it forever and hand down to future generations along with the tales of your adventures.

Saint Christopher pendants are for everyone! It started as a Catholic notion but has since spread to people of different religions and backgrounds.

Types Of Saint Christopher Pendants

There are many different types of Saint Christopher pendants to choose from. Off The Map Jewellery has a unique range of high-quality Saint Christopher necklaces for men and women.

Off The Map uses a variety of original Saint Christopher designs made to last with sterling silver or solid gold. There are also a variety of other lucky travel pendants to choose from such as beautiful compass designs, world maps and runes. Off The Map will personalise each piece with an engraving of your choice on the back at no additional cost to you.

The next time you or someone you love is embarking on an adventure make sure you give the precious gift of a Saint Christopher pendant infused with faith, luck and good fortune.

Bon Voyage!

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