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For those of us who have been bitten by the wanderlust bug, travelling is a huge part of our lives. At Off the Map, we make travel-themed jewellery for travel enthusiasts, adventures and wanderers.

We custom-make and personalise almost all of our travel jewellery and each piece is infused with energy for safe travels, luck and a safe passage home. Whether you are a man or a woman, a backpacker or a business frequent flyer, you can benefit from adorning yourself in travel-themed jewellery on your next trip.

St. Christopher pendants, compass necklaces, coordinate rings and runes are just a few of the different ways you can choose to wear travel-themed jewellery from our store. Each piece makes the perfect companion for your adventurous spirit and allows you to carry the essence of travel and exploration everywhere you go (even after you return home!).

In this post, we are exploring different ways you can style Off the Map’s travel-themed jewellery. Add a touch of wanderlust to your look!

1. Choose your travel-style theme

Wanderlust jewellery usually centres around a theme such as St. Christophers, globes, compasses, passports, famous landmarks and so on. When it comes to deciding on your personal travel jewellery style, decide on a theme or aesthetic that resonates the most with you and start with one thing.

At Off the Map, we have several themes that can suit different personal styles and tastes. Our most popular themes are St. Christopher Pendants and Compass Pendants which come in a variety of styles and metals.

We also have travel-themed runescoordinate signet ringstravel symbol charm bracelets and leather bracelets. 

Choose your theme based on your personal style and what resonates with your travel experiences and background.

2. Layer & stack up

One of the best ways to style travel-themed jewellery is to layer and stack pieces to create an eye-catching wanderlust style.

This is also a great way to include many different meaningful pieces in one look! We love layering necklaces with chains of different lengths and materials. Some silver and some leather.

Bracelets also work really well when they are stacked. Our leather bracelets come in a range of colours and styles with different choices of charms to attach.

travel jewellery

Stacking rings is also another way to make a statement with your travel-jewellery style. Our delicate silver bands make the perfect rings for stacking for men and women! We have personalised coordinates, Roman numerals and rune bands. Imagine all of the significance you could place on one finger!

3. Get personalised coordinates engraved on your jewellery

Personalised coordinates on jewellery are a special way to add a unique and very sentimental touch to your wanderlust accessories. Whether you want to remember the coordinates or your home, your favourite place in the world or a special location where you met someone you love. 

Co-ordinate jewellery is a beautiful nod to a place that is special to you. 

At Off the Map, we have so many styles of pendants, keyrings and rings which you can have your choice of longitude and latitude engraved on.

4. Mix and match metals & materials

There is no rule that you must only wear silver or gold! A really interesting way to style travel-themed jewellery is to mix up the metals and the materials your jewellery is made of. Perhaps opt for a gold-plated compass pendant layered with a silver globe pendant with a leather chain. 

The options are endless when it comes to mixing and matching metals and other materials and will make your accessories pop.

At Off the Map, we have a range of metals. Our most popular is solid sterling silver but we also have black steel, solid yellow gold, and solid rose gold along with plated yellow and rose gold pieces. We also have leather and vegan leather bracelets and chains. Some of our jewellery is also made out of recycled silver for a more conscious choice.

travel jewellery

5. Pick up jewellery as souvenirs when you travel

Choosing travel accessories to take with you on your trip when you are at home is just part of the story. No matter what destination you choose, once you are there you will be able to pick up jewellery and accessories that are special to the region. 

Whether it is an anklet made out of shells in Bali, an Ankh pendant from Egypt or a crystal mala bead necklace from India or beaded earrings from Mexico, every place will have something special that you integrate into your style.

If you don’t have much of a budget to splurge on travel-themed jewellery souvenirs you could decide to collect woven bracelets everywhere you go and add each on to your wrist when you are travelling as a reminder of where you’ve been. These bracelets can be found everywhere in the world and they are very affordable. If this look doesn’t fit in with your style, you can just keep them somewhere safe as a reminder of your adventures.

travel jewellery

Make sure you take the time to pick up some special jewellery souveniers. Not only are they small and easy to fit in your luggage, but many places around the world also have high-quality jewellery for great prices. These are precious pieces that mean something to you, which you will keep for a lifetime as a reminder of your travels.

Weave your wanderlust into your everyday life with travel-inspired jewellery as a reminder of where you’ve been, where you’ve come from and where you want to go. 

travel jewellery