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Top 5 things I like about camping

unsplash-logo Rob Bye

I love nothing more than a good camping trip - getting outdoors is an essential tonic for the soul in my opinion.  So here's my personal top five faourite things from time under the canvas.

    • Being Outdoors all the time.  Especially out of the Summer season it’s all too easy easy to live your life indoors avoiding the wind rain, wind and cold.  If you find yourself at a camping trip or festival and then it rains what do you do?  Just stick on your wellies and go and get on with it! But how many times do you just sit in hop in the car and cancel that outdoor walk when you’re at home? More often than not I'll bet. A few nights under the canvas gets you out more to enjoy the simple things and stare at the sky.
        • Living the simple life. Sleeping bag? Check! Microscopic camping stove that doubles as a bowl? Check! Thermarest to keep the cold out? Check! Some time with no TV & tinny speakers or festival tunes in the ears plus some time to sit on a folding chair for a while.  So un-complex but perfect in its simplicity.
        Photo by wild vibez on Unsplash
        Photo by wild vibez on Unsplash
        • Being 'one' with nature. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with a few moths and spiders in your bed right? Or dodging moths around the campfire? You in their territory after all. 
        • Your home in the new location. It's great just finding that solitary spot and pitching your bed for the night.  A new view for a few nights, or just new place to crash when the fun end.  Change is as good as a rest so they say.

        Photo by Adam Griffith on Unsplash

        • All that lovely fresh air. Come on you know it’s good for you - it’s good for the skin it’s good for the mind it’s good for the soul. Being indoors all the time takes over too much of our lives and it's so easy to forget to stop looking at all those busy devices sucking up our minds and look outside.  Do it now.  Stop reading this - turn off your phone and look at the sky.  Beautiful isn't it...