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Off The Map Blog

In this post, we are sharing the ULTIMATE list of 30 CHEAP countries to visit all over the world in 2023.
There are plenty of countries you can safely visit on a budget in Africa with some research! Even though Africa is in the 3rd world and the cost of living is low, to travel there in a safe, comfortable way and to see the major attractions like safaris isn’t cheap. Continue reading to learn more about each country, average daily budget and things to do.
In this post, we are sharing 7 of the top cheap countries in Europe to travel to (with loads of notable mentions at the end!). These countries have a low cost of living relative to other more mainstream European countries with affordable food, transportation and accommodation options.
In this post, we are sharing 6 of the top countries in Central America to travel on a shoestring budget in 2023. These countries will likely have a much lower cost of living than your home country with affordable food, transportation and accommodation options. For each country, we spill the best places to go and a budget and will also give you a rough idea of a daily budget and when the best time to go is.
There are so many countries in Europe that are dirt cheap, particularly in the East. You can have amazing cultural experiences, see incredible cities and explore the magical nature Europe has to offer, all on a shoestring budget. This can all be done by choosing the right destination or destinations and by following some basic money-saving tips. Continue reading to learn our top budget-friendly destinations to travel to in 2022 as well as some easy money-saving tips to help you stretch your money further!