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Small but perfectly formed... 

Slovenia has long been Europe's best-kept secret.

And by the time you finish this article, you will see why it’s quickly rising in the ranks of best holiday destinations for 2023 and beyond.

Here we will walk you through Slovenia in every season and why it is the perfect fit for every kind of traveller.

Nestled between Italy and Croatia, with a population of just 2 million, Slovenia's climate ranges from alpine, to sub-Mediterranean, and even continental.

And yet within 2 hours, you can get to pretty much anywhere in the country from the capital of Ljubljana ("Lyoo-blyah-nuh"). From Maribor to Ptuj, Bled to Kranjska Gora, and Ljubljana to Piran. 

Slovenia's warm and friendly population, as well as its integration with the natural world, will have you head over heels. 

From pure alpine mountain trails to easy coastal beach hikes and hidden valley river walks, you will see first-hand how Slovenia claims the title of 3rd most forested country in all of Europe. And whether your sport of choice is white water rafting, hiking, shopping or hostel hopping, you can do it here without breaking the bank, with Slovenia being the 3rd cheapest country in Europe to travel through.


Spring: Start Fresh This Spring In Slovenia

Spring in Slovenia offers you the fruits of nature without the bustling crowds. With the busy season not starting until late May, this is a great time to take advantage of the lower prices.

As the snow begins to melt, the rivers start to flow and the warmth returns to the sun. Spring is full of endless opportunities for adventure junkies and peace seekers alike. 


What to do:

  1. Unwind and indulge in the Julian Alps: Explore the Soča Valley by foot or by kayak. Famous for its distinctive mix of emerald and turquoise crystal clear water, you can follow a trail or join a guided tour like The Love Stories of Bovec Tour. 
  2. Relax in thermal springs: Hike all day, then relax in a thermal spring, nature is all that you will need to feel brand new!
  3. Get adventurous with extreme sports: And if hiking, cycling or swimming aren’t enough for you, take it up a notch with the plethora of extreme sports that are available in the area such as; ziplining, white water rafting, or a stream canyon guided tour.


Unique Activities in Spring: St Gregory's Day

It all starts with love! Originally aligned with the first day of spring, St Gregory’s Day is Slovenia’s very own Valentine's Day. 

Celebrated each year on the 12th of March, it has a rich history of folklore and traditions dating back to the time of Pope Gregory himself c. 590 bc. Oral folk tradition has it that on St. Gregory’s Day, birds are joined in wedlock and victory over darkness is won. 

A most heartwarming way to welcome in spring. On the eve of St Gregory's Day, tiny floating light structures are sent down the Kroparica stream. A must-do experience for all those who are feeling the love.

Where to stay:

 CAMINO, Fresh Air Resort and Luxury Cabin Stay in the Soča Valley

“ A captivating spot at the foot of the Julian Alps, in a valley famous for its crystal-clear river and made special by the intoxicating dance of the treetops. If you are an adventurer, this is the place for you.”

Where to eat: 

Bovec Kitch’n is a food truck-style restaurant in the heart of Bovec, perfect for lunch on a sunny spring day.

“Using local ingredients and traditional recipes, we prepare delicious dishes that satisfy both hungry adventurers and gourmet lovers. In the heart of Bovec, Anja and Bojan cook for you with love.”

Summer: Take in the sights with the long summer nights

Summer is another season of endless opportunities in Slovenia. But what is Summer without the beach? 

Following the sun south to the Adriatic Sea, you’ll find Piran. A vibrant city full of sunkissed visitors and residents alike. Filled with the classic beauty of Venetian Architecture that Italy is so famous for, Piran has a history with Italy dating back to the Roman Empire in 178 BC! 

The town is known for its medieval architecture, with narrow streets and compact houses. It is a town rich and alive with local culture and musical events, perfect for travellers seeking expression and immersion into a new culture.

Head back up to the capital, Ljubljana, prized for its markets and world-famous gastronomy. This city is super green and foot-friendly, making it easy to get around by walking. With a river running right through the centre and parks all around it's hard to believe you are really in the capital. 

What to do:

  1. Odprta Kuhna Food Market: On Fridays in Summer, you can visit the best food market in Slovenia, Odprta Kuhna. Also known as Open Kitchen, it is heralded as the greenest food market in all of Europe. Just 20km from Ljubljana you will enjoy fabulous street food, with a great variety of food options, music, people-watching and a buzzing atmosphere.
  2. Visit Velika Planina: Alternately, on the southern side of the Alps is the Velika Planina, one of the largest settlements for shepherds in all of Europe. Home to 140 huts inhabited from June to September since the middle ages, you can still feel the magic that lingers in the air here. Reachable via cable car, it provides the most idyllic spot for hiking in the summer.
  3. Explore Piran and hit the beach


Where to stay: 

Old Town, Ljubljana, the heart of the city.

With Airbnb providing so many exceptional accommodation options, we are going to leave this one up to you to decide. Travelling like a local is always the favoured option and wherever you end up, don't be afraid to strike up a conversation and get to know the people, you never know where it may lead!

Where to eat: 

TaBar, is a restaurant in the old town of Ljubljana.

“Slovenian-inspired tapas is the name of the game at this sleek restaurant.”

Autumn: Eat well this Autumn

For lovers of fine wine and cuisine, autumn is your season, as the leaves turn from golden hues of yellow to burnt orange and wine red. So too do the grapes ripen, and new wines become ready to try! 

October and November are ideal months to travel in Slovenia, the colour show is on full display and the crisp temperatures mean quieter trails and cheaper prices. 

On November 11th, celebrate St. Martin’s Day, the patron saint of wine growers and innkeepers. Celebrated nationally, Wine cellars become particularly fun and rambunctious on this day.

The Primorska region may be the most ideal place to visit in the autumn, as it is the warmest wine-growing region, located halfway between the Alps and the Mediterranean. 

Hike up to the Gonjače view tower on a clear day and you will see one of the most magnificent wine views on the planet. 

With Brda at your fingertips, the shimmering Gulf of Trieste in the south, and the snow-capped Alpine peaks in the northwest, you will get to experience the changing of the seasons in all its glory.

What to do:

  1. Enjoy the many fruits that come into season in autumn. Delight in a cup of roasted chestnuts and mulled wine from a street vendor in Ljubljana, 
  2. Take in the changing landscape up close with an autumnal hike up the Slemenova Špica hill. 
  3. Go on a tour of the local wine cellars in Primorska and taste this season's vintage wines, or take part in some of the many gastronomic events that happen over autumn, such as Restaurant Week, November Gourmet, Taste Radol'ca and many others, with participants scattered all over the country.
  4. Hike up to the Gonjače view tower 
  5. Celebrate St. Martin’s Day at a wine cellar

Where to stay:

Can you think of a more seasonal place to stay, than Wine Village Glamping in Ptuj?

“Spend the night in a genuine wooden wine barrel, a testament to Ptuj’s long wine-making tradition. These unusual but comfortable and fascinating dwellings for two stand around a central area with a communal fireplace. Accommodation in wine barrels is a popular choice for couples and great fun for families or private groups”

Where to eat:

Restaurant Week is a twice-yearly event held in spring and autumn and lasts for ten days. Dates are announced on the official website two weeks in advance when reservations can be made.

“Restaurant Week is, in fact, a school of flavours, during which you become taste explorers. It is up to the chefs to be creative and innovative, and it is up to the guests to be curious and open-minded.”

Winter: The real winter wonderland 

Whether you're looking to alternate between cosy cafe hopping through Ljubljana or skiing all day, you'll love winter in Slovenia. 

Starting late November and going until February, Slovenia has a shorter ski season than most European countries. But as winter sets in, Slovenia is slowly transformed into a real-life winter wonderland. Enjoy an equally special experience whether you're exploring the towns and cities' winter charm or skiing all day, every day (or both!).


Step back in time when you visit the slopes of the Julian Alps, around Mount Triglav. Here you can explore the wild side of skiing with ski touring. A hut-to-hut cross-country skiing trek.

Some areas are more family-friendly, and these slopes can be found from Vitranc to Podkoren and Planica. Within this area is a place known as the snow beach area at the foot of the slopes where you'll find many restaurants and bars, as well as children’s playground and ski school areas.

What to do: 

  1. Ski & Sauna: Alternate between the slopes and the sauna, utilizing Sloveina's extensive wellness infrastructure.
  2. Plan a ski-touring party with a group of friends and have an experience of a lifetime with your closest friends.
  3. Join a local tradition and experience a winter hike to the Tamar glacial valley in the triglav national park. Go during the week for the chance to have this winter wonderland all to yourself.
  4. Krnica Valley Hike: Another great family-friendly hike is the Krnica Valley. Winding between towering mountain ranges, you won't be disappointed by the scenery of this hike.
  5. Soak up the winter vibes in Maribor


Where to stay:

Kranjska Gora Resort area. Surrounded by the Julian Alps on one side, and Karavanke mountains on the other, take your pick of 18 different slopes, perfect for beginners families with young kids.

In December you can visit the Christmas market in the “alpine village” where you can enjoy a glass of mulled wine and some delicious food by an open fire pit.

Where to eat:

If you visit the city of Maribor in winter it turns into a paradise full of festive treats in December. Take a walk through the stalls which offer a wide range of high-quality local products.

If you do the Krnica Valley Hike, be sure to stop off at Koča V Krnici mountain hut and restaurant. Warm up with a fire, some food and a beautiful view. The perfect way to spend a winter's day outside.

So whether you're looking to or ski all day through the Julian Alps in the winter or you're wanting to hit the reset button and find your zen in spring or enjoy the hot summer sophistication of the cities and short but sweet coastline in the summer or you’re seeking satisfaction with the best food and wine the country has to offer in Autumn, you can find it all here, in Slovenia.