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Buying birthday and Christmas gifts for men is notoriously hard! Especially when you want to get something that is truly meaningful, that they will LOVE and actually wear.

For many men, jewellery makes a meaningful and timeless gift. Jewellery for men as a gift is a thoughtful way to show your love and appreciation for them in your life, and the longevity of your relationship while also showing him that you understand his taste and style.

>>> Reasons why jewellery makes a great gift

Off the Map Jewellery makes a large range of high-quality men’s jewellery with an option for every man (even men who don’t wear any jewellery!).

In this guide, we’re going to share how to select jewellery for a special man in your life based on his unique style and personality.

1. Consider his style first

When selecting jewellery as a gift, the most important (and thoughtful!) thing to do first is to know his style and have that in the forefront of your mind.

What kind of clothing does he wear? Casual, business, smart? What kind of jewellery or watches does he already wear? What kind of metals does he prefer? Does he suit gold or silver? Does he like to make bold statements or is his style more subtle and understated?

If you know the man you are buying for, this part will be easy!

For the man who doesn’t wear jewellery

For the classic man

For the sporty man

For the adventurous man

For the modern man

For the refined man

For the alternative man

2. Think about his personality

If you aren’t sure what kind of jewellery he will be into (especially if he doesn’t wear much jewellery at the moment), his personality can give you clues about the type of pieces he will love.

Is he bold, daring and adventurous? Or is he more reserved and understated? Is he refined in the way he presents himself to the world or maybe he is a bit rough around the edges?

We have different pieces of jewellery to suit a range of different personalities! Choose a piece of jewellery that will make him feel comfortable and confident!

For the bold man

For the understated man

For the sentimental man

For the adventurous spirit who is young at heart

For the spiritual man

3. What is his lifestyle?

What activities does he do every day and how will the piece of jewellery you choose for him fit into this? Does he work in a professional corporate environment or does he do physical labour in a trade? What kind of hobbies does he enjoy when he isn’t working?

Think about whether you want the piece to be worn daily or on special occasions.

For the corporate professional 

For the active man

For the world traveller

4. Do you want something personalised? 

One of the most special ways to make a piece of jewellery an unforgettable gift is by choosing something that is personalised. Is this something that he would love or find cheesy?

There is some element of personalisation on almost all of our pieces through engraving messages on the back of pendants or inside rings.

However, there are a few pieces of jewellery that we create which are totally unique and personalised

Secret personalisation

Symbolic personalisation

Sentimental personalisation

Browse our full range of personalised pieces here.

5. What level of quality are you after?

When selecting jewellery as a gift, one of the most important things to consider is the quality of the materials. This depends also on his style and the colour of metal he would prefer.

A majority of our pieces are solid sterling silver however we do offer a select range of solid gold, plated gold and even black steel pieces.

Whatever quality you are after, you will find it at Off the Map!

Solid Gold

Plated Gold

Black Steel

6. Think about size and fit

When selecting your jewellery, especially for rings, bracelets and short chain necklaces, think carefully about the size and fit. This is especially important if you are ordering a custom piece, which cannot be returned.

If you are unsure, there are clever ways you can measure the correct size without giving away the surprise. Measure pieces of jewellery he already has, consult with friends and family and check the return policies before you buy.

7. What is your budget?

We cannot leave one of the most important pieces out! Before you select the jewellery you are going to buy, it is best to have your budget in mind. This will weed out a lot of options that aren’t suitable and give you a great compass when making decisions.

At Off the Map, our prices range between £20 to £500 depending on the type of jewellery so there is something for everyone's budget! We also offer free worldwide delivery, free gift wrapping and free engraving which is very helpful for the budget!

The best gifts are the ones that come from the heart, so no matter what you choose, if you select it with him and his highest good in mind, it will be special and cherished for years to come!