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Christmas 2023 is almost here, can you believe it? 

It’s that time of year when we all start grappling with what to buy our loved ones as gifts. This post is dedicated to Wanderlust gifts for people who to travel the world.

From practical items for frequent travellers to travel-inspired gifts for those bitten by the wanderlust bug, this post has something for every traveller and for every budget.

Items covered in this post include travel Christmas gifts for him and for her.

Continue reading to learn our top 20 wanderlust Christmas gifts for travel lovers in 2023.

1. St Christopher Necklace Pendant

St Christopher pendant is the perfect travel-themed Christmas gift for him or her. A Saint Christopher pendant is a traditional and iconic travel charm that you can take with you and wear during your travels.

Wearing a Saint Christopher charm is a request for his blessings and good luck. People believe that he helps to ward off misfortunes such as accidents, robberies and poor health when you are travelling.

It is a perfect gift for a backpacker, someone going away travelling, or anyone who travels a lot.

Off the Map Jewellery has a wide variety of unique and high-quality St Christopher pendants in solid sterling silver or gold. 

There are traditional St Christopher pendants in larger sizes, which is perfect for men.

Off the Map’s St Christopher pendants also make a great personalised gift for him with a message of your choice engraved on the back.

Browse our collection of St Christopher Pendants HERE.

2. Db Luggage

Luxury luggage has to be the top gift to give someone who loves to travel. Db luggage is the perfect luxury Christmas gift for him. Even if he can’t travel right now, he will be so excited to step out into the world with his new gear. Db is the epitome of stylish, functional and plain awesome travel luggage for men. 

They have a range of collections in different styles and colours but with their unique and innovative designs. 

Db has everything from small backpacks to large roll-on suitcases. They also have stylish bags for all their adventure travel essentials like helmet holders, ski covers and bike bags.

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3. Bluetooth noise-cancelling headphones

It doesn’t matter if the person you are Christmas Gift shopping for is a backpacker or a luxury traveller, noise-cancelling headphones are the perfect travel Christmas gift. They are ideal for flights, long bus or train journeys, zoning out to Netflix in a dorm or relaxing by a luxury pool.

Good noise-cancelling headphones will set you back a few hundred quid but they are worth every penny and are one of the best high-end gifts to give a traveller.

The best part is these headphones can be used on a daily basis whether they is travelling or not!

SonyJBLBose, and Beats are all great brands for noise-cancelling headphones.

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4. Personalised travel ring

Personalised travel gifts for him are a super special way to show him that you care. A personalised ring makes for a very special gift for the travel-loving man in your life. A ring inspired by travel is something he can take with him everywhere, to be reminded of the world even when he cannot travel.

Off the Map Jewellery has a selection of solid sterling silver rings for men which can be personalised. 

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5. Pocket knife

A pocket knife, or Swiss army knife, is one of the most practical gifts you can give to a traveller for Christmas. Men will especially appreciate this gift! 

They come in handy for SO MANY things when travelling and when at home. 

Swiss army knives are excellent quality and a gift that can last a lifetime.

Just remind them not to put it in their carry-on!

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6. A Travel Inspired Keyring

A quality keyring is an amazing travel-inspired gift this Christmas. We all need to hold our keys whether we are travelling or not and a special travel-inspired keyring can bring the essence of adventure right into their back pocket.

Off the Map has a selection of unique keyrings made out of solid sterling silver.

A silver keyring is an amazing keepsake yet practical Christmas gift for the traveller in your life.

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7. Portable Speaker

A portable speaker makes an incredible gift for someone travelling. You can’t go wrong! A lightweight portable speaker is ideal. You can carry it with you and listen to your favourite tunes or podcasts wherever you go.

They are also the perfect tool to get the party started with all their new friends that they will meet on the road. Everyone loves the person who brings a speaker! 

Portable speakers are also really handy to have on hand even when you aren’t travelling, meaning this is a great all-round gift that is sure to please.

Look for speakers that are small and waterproof. The JBL Clip 3 is perfect for travelling. It is small, waterproof, good quality comes in different colours and can easily clip onto anything. If you are after are more premium portable speaker don’t look any further than the UE Boom range of speakers. They have a range of sizes and colours to suit different budgets, personalities and luggage restrictions!

8. A bottle of their favourite foreign alcohol

The type of drinks that were consumed while travelling can bring back the most incredible memories, much like music! 

So buying a bottle of foreign alcohol from their favourite places is a really meaningful gift, especially if he is pining for the places he once travelled.

Whether it is the delightful Belgian beer, the Brazilian Cacacha, the smokey Mezcal, the American Bourbon or a beautiful French wine - this is a special way to acknowledge someone’s favourite travel destinations this Christmas.

Ask them some questions about their favourite places and memories and do your research to find the perfect bottle for them.

If your local bottle shop doesn’t have what you are after, there are many online liquor stores which stock a vast range of international wine, beer & liquor.

9. A voucher for a travel experience at home

If the traveller you are buying a Christmas gift for isn’t currently on the road, chances are they are craving those travel experiences. This means buying a voucher for a cool experience in your home town or region makes a great gift!

Whether it is a wine tasting, a Thai massage, an amazing restaurant meal, a trip to a skyscraper, a cooking class or something adventurous like skydiving or bungee jumping. Do some research and see what experiences are offered around you.

These experiences can be on the pricier side so keep an eye out on sale sites like Groupon which always have discounted experiences up for grabs.

10. Personalised travel journal

Travel journals make the perfect stocking stuffer for travellers. Make it extra special by getting it personalised. Many travellers simply won’t travel without one!

Travel journals are an amazing way to document travel memories and keep them on hand to look back on later in life.

You can find a wide selection on Amazon and more special and personalised designs on Etsy.

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11. World scratch map

A world scratch map is an awesome gift for that traveller who has a big travel bucket list and wants to tick off as many countries in the world as possible. 

Each time a new country is visited you scratch off the gold to reveal the detailed map beneath, to potentially reveal the entire globe one day!

This scratch map can be hung up on the bedroom or living room wall to keep your travel lover inspired to keep travelling!

You can purchase world scratch maps from Amazon and Etsy.

12. Travel charm bracelet

travel charm bracelet set on leather or chord is a unique Christmas gift for him or her. Off The Map has a wide range of travel charm bracelets coming in different colours, designs and symbols.

These bracelets are expertly made and designed to offer good luck and positive energy for travels and adventures. A unique silver keep-safe charm inscribed with positive travel symbols, plus there is a space for personalised initials.

The etched symbols give this unique bracelet a memorable meaning for their travels.

13. Stainless steel water bottle

stainless steel reusable water bottle is the ideal practical Christmas gift for every travel lover who is eco-conscious. They are durable, light and completely plastic-free! Plus they are so convenient to travel with and will save them so much money over time.

If you get one that is insulated, it then becomes a multipurpose travel accessory - able to keep your water cold but also wine for that sunset beach spot! On the other hand, it will keep water hot for tea and coffee on morning adventures.

They also create the perfect place to put stickers from all the destinations that your traveller friend will go to.

We especially recommend water bottles with a wide mouth and handle to make carrying it around, filling up and sipping super easy. We especially love this 650ml water bottle from Ora. Not only does it look amazing but it will keep your water cold (or hot) for days and it is the perfect size for travel without being too small.

Check out the huge range of stainless steel water bottles on Amazon.

14. A Kindle

Kindles are the perfect gift for travel lovers who can’t travel without plenty of books to read. These can be more on the pricier side but are such a great investment for avid readers who also travel. 

It is so difficult to travel with books, especially if it is a long-term trip. It can also be difficult to find the books you want while on the road.

All of these hassles are solved with a Kindle! You have access to every book you can imagine without having to carry around any of them. Kindles are lightweight and let you store hundreds of books right on the device. The Kindle Paperwhite is a great option for travellers as it is waterproof, however, the original Kindle is also amazing and is the best budget-friendly option.

15. Supplements

Something a bit unconventional to get a traveller for Christmas is supplements! This is particularly for someone who will be going travelling this year for them to take with them. When travelling, it can be challenging to access supplements that we have at home. This combined with the fact what we eat isn’t as easy to control and we may miss essential nutrients on the road, means giving supplements can be a great gift idea. 

If you are worried about the space supplements will take up, this can be easily solved by putting them into zip-lock bags with moisture-absorbing pouches.

Supplements that may be beneficial for a traveller include Omega 3, vitamin D, B12, probiotics, black charcoal (for tummy bugs) magnesium or simply a great multivitamin. 

Browse health supplements on Amazon.

16. A Portable Charger

Every traveller needs a portable charger. It is essential! Whether they need it to keep their phone battery alive while they are on a long-haul flight or so they can take photos and navigate all day long, a portable charger is the most helpful travel accessory you can have.

Try and find an option that has the smallest size to largest mAh capacity like this one here.

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17. Mini Travel Blender

We all know a traveller who can’t live without smoothies and struggles with limited access to blenders in hotels & Airbnb. Solve their problem with a travel-size blender!

Browse travel blenders on Amazon.

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18. Airbnb Gift Card

You really can’t go wrong with giving an Airbnb gift card to a travel lover for Christmas! This is great for people who appreciate getting experiences as gifts and love to travel like a local. The credit ranges from $25 to $200 and doesn’t explore, meaning it can be used whenever their next trip is planned.

You can personalise the voucher by adding a suggestive image or personal message.

19. Inspiring Travel & Photography books

If the travel lover you are buying a Christmas present for also loves a good coffee table book you can’t go wrong with this gift. Depart is a great option which is filled with travel information and beautiful pictures of over 40 destinations around the world.

The Travel Book by Lonely Planet is the ultimate book for travel lovers. This book has beautiful pictures, facts and travel information for every single country in the world!

20. Custom Street Map Pendant

Off the Map Custom Street Map Pendants make a very special Christmas gift for a traveller in your life.

Our custom location or street map is a one-of-a-kind necklace, a treasured Christmas gift that keeps a special place close to your heart.

Each one is bespoke made in your choice of size, a design created on your chosen address, city or co-ordinates. It could be where you grew up, where you met your partner, your first home together, the place you got married, or just somewhere in the world where you left your heart.

A unique Christmas gift for someone going away travelling, with a subtle reminder of home they can wear wherever they go, or a reminder of that special place. 

We have a selection of Custom Street Map pendants in different sizes and designs.

There you have 20. incredible Wanderlust Christmas gift ideas suitable for every travel lover! 

From travel-inspired jewellery to luggage scales and everything in between, this list has you covered this Christmas.

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