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18 Awesome Gift Ideas For Travellers

Are you trying to find the perfect gift for the travel addict in your life? You've come to the right place!

Buying gifts is hard at the best of times, especially for people who are always travelling. But there are actually so many amazing gifts out there that any traveller will love.

Here are 18 awesome gift ideas for travellers!

These include gifts that make perfect leaving gifts and other travel-inspired gifts for their home.

1. Personalised Travel Journal

You can’t go wrong with getting the traveller in your life a travel journal. Make it even more special by getting them a special personalised travel journal.

A travel journal will be treasured by the receiver and will be the holder of some of the best memories of their lives.

You can find a wide selection on Amazon and more special and personalised designs on Etsy.

gift ideas for travellers

Travel Journal byWayfaren on Etsy

2. Packing Cells

Packing cells are a game-changer when it comes to packing! This makes packing cells an awesome practical gift for the travellers in your life.

They will be thanking you after their first trip using these!

Packing cells are square or rectangle zip-up containers made of fabric. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours. Packing cells allow you to follow a system when packing, unpacking and repacking.

Kathmandu has a great selection of good quality packing cells. You can also find numerous other types of packing cells on Amazon.

3. World Scratch Map

A world scratch map is the best gift for a traveller trying to tick off as many countries around the globe as possible!

Each time they visit a new country they can scratch it off on the map revealing a styled world map beneath. As they travel to more countries the colourful world map will be revealed. This can be hung up on the wall at home to keep your travelling family or friends inspired to keep exploring!

You can purchase world scratch maps from Amazon and Etsy.

gift ideas for travellers

World Scratch Map byMapsInternationalUK on Etsy

4. Tripod

If your traveller friend is into photography, purchasing a tripod is a no brainer as a gift! This is especially true if they like to travel solo.

With a tripod, they will be able to click amazing pictures of themselves, take epic shots in low light and create time-lapse footage. 

Tripods can be inexpensive and compact to travel with like this one from Amazon.

gift ideas for travellers

5. St Christopher Pendant

Give the gift of luck and good fortune for your loved one before they embark on their next adventure with a St Christopher Pendant.

Saint Christopher is the patron saint of travellers and is said to have protected against the bubonic plague and even toothache.

Wearing a Saint Christopher charm is a request for his blessings and good luck. People believe that he will help to ward off evil and misfortunes such as accidents, robberies and poor health when you are travelling.

gift ideas for travellers

6. Personalised Destination Ring

A personalised round the world ring is another special travel gift! Off The Map creates personalised rings with your choice of destination. You can either engrave a place the traveller loves or is about to go to. 

Destinations are engraved and separated by a compass symbol. It's a bold and beautiful ring that makes a truly unique travel gift idea for him or her.

These chunky solid silver rings are available in a choice of finish - polished, polished with blackened writing, or hammered with a brushed matte finish.

gift ideas for travellers

7. Charm Bracelet

A charm bracelet set on leather or chord is a perfectly unique gift for a traveller. Off The Map has a wide range of travel charm bracelets coming in different colours, designs and symbols.

These bracelets are expertly made and designed to offer good luck and positive energy for travels and adventures.  A unique silver keep-safe charm inscribed with positive travel symbols, plus there is a space for personalised initials.

The etched symbols give this unique bracelet a memorable meaning for their travels.

gift ideas for travellers

8. Rucksack Rune Tag

Not everyone loves to wear jewellery which makes a rucksack rune travel tag the perfect gift idea for travellers.

Off The Map Lucky Rune Rucksack Tagis carved with lucky Runic symbols to protect a world traveller.

The sacred marks of the runic alphabet were one of the earliest forms of writing and were used as carved protective symbols. These bring luck and protection to those who carry them.

Each tag comes hand-stitched to a meaning card and is presented in a gift box. This is the perfect going away gift which can be treasured for a lifetime!

gift ideas for travellers

9. Disposable Camera

Don’t want to fork out thousands of dollars on a professional camera as a gift? Go old school and get a classic disposable camera as a gift instead!

Disposable cameras are rare these days, making it a unique gift. It will create special memories that will be cherished in the physical form.
The traveller in your life will love capturing memories on a disposable camera! Getting the photos developed afterwards is even more exciting.

10. Photo Album

If your traveller friend was born before 2000 they will probably love a good photo album. It's a bit old school now! But there is something so nostalgic about flicking through a photo album to reminisce on the past. This makes it a great gift idea for travellers.

Give this lifelong storage of priceless memories for someone special in your life. This is the perfect place to display photos from your disposable camera as well!

You can get a standard photo album or a personalised travel photo album like this one from Etsy.

Travel Photo Album fromWoodlock on Etsy

11. Travel Wallet

A travel wallet is a practical necessity for every traveller! You need one to keep all your important documents, cards and cash organised and safe. 

Plus it can be a place to store souvenirs you collect along the way from the special places you visit like tickets and cards.

12. Travel Inspired Wall Art

There is a great selection of beautiful travel themed wall art available out there. Wall art is the perfect gift idea for travellers struck by wanderlust who want to stay inspired at home!

You can get inspirational quotes, world maps or even high-quality prints from their favourite destinations. Make it extra special by getting one of their own pictures blown up and put on canvas!

Etsyhas a great selection of beautiful travel wall art.

Travel Inspired Wall Art from NicoPrintableArt onEtsy

13. Steel Travel Mug

A travel-themed steel mug is a brilliant gift idea for travellers. This gift is practical and inspirational! Steel mugs are so useful for travellers, they are durable and always come in handy! You can use them to drink coffee, water and even for eating noodle soup.

There are so many amazing designs to choose from. You could get one or a set for as a gift for their home.

Coffee mug byYouNiqueDesignsStore on Etsy

14. Travel Photography Course

This is the perfect gift for a budding travel photographer or Instagrammer. Give the gift that keeps giving by gifting them a course in photography.

Professional photography is technical! To get the best shots with a DSLR camera amateurs should take a course.

Skillshare is an amazing membership site that offers many photography courses at all different levels. There are also other courses on how to edit photos and videos. Plus you can buy gift cards!

15. Lightroom Mobile Presets

Lightroom mobile presets are another great gift you can get your traveller friend who loves to take beautiful pictures. Mobile presets are great because you can edit all your pictures on the free Lightroom app on your phone. This makes it easy to edit photos beautifully while you are on the go!

There are loads of preset bundles available to purchase online. They are typically sold by successful travel Instagrammers and bloggers who are professional photo editors.

Some great options include DoYouTravel Presets, MarieFeandJakeSnow Presets and DestinationChaser Presets.

Photo from DoYouTravelAll Rounder Collection Lightroom Mobile Presets

16. Passport Cover & Luggage Tag

Does your friend like to travel in style? Get them a cute matching passport cover and luggage tag set. This gift will get them all excited for their journey and keep their possessions safe.

Get them personalised for an extra special touch! Check out the great range of luggage tags and passport covers on Etsy.

17. Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Stainless steel water bottles are essential when it comes to travelling, making them the perfect travel gift. Especially if you are trying to reduce plastic!

They are durable and light plus you can get them in amazing designs. They also create the perfect place to put stickers from all the destinations that your traveller friend will go.

There is an amazing selection of stainless steel water bottles to choose from on Etsy.

18. Personalised Bag

Get an extra special gift of a personalised bag for your travelling friend to take away with them. A personalised bag will be cherished for years to come, even when the trip is over. Plus they will always think of you each time they reach for their bag!

You can go as small as a personalised toiletry bag or to a personalised big suitcase.

Check out the incredible range of personalised bags on Etsy.

Personalised Leather bags fromSoGoodSoWood on Etsy.

There you have 18 awesome gift ideas for travellers! There is a great gift idea on this list for every traveller.

So go ahead and spoil the special traveller in your life with something they will truly love.