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16 Gift ideas for men who miss travelling

We are all starting to feel the withdrawals of not being able to travel! 

With Christmas coming up, this is an amazing time to get some inspiration for thoughtful gifts for him this Christmas. 

Whether it is for your dad, brother, friend, boyfriend, husband or a unique gift for grown sons there will be something on this list to help him ease his wanderlust.

This round-up of the best travel gift ideas for him covers all budgets from small gestures to luxury gifts. These gifts also range from practical to sentimental. 

Buying gifts for men who travel is hard, so let’s make it easier!

1. St Christopher Necklace Pendant

A men’s St Christopher pendant is the perfect travel-themed gift for him. A Saint Christopher pendant is a traditional and iconic travel charm that you can take with you and wear during your travels.

Saint Christopher is the patron saint of travellers, drivers, sailors, storms and gardeners.

Wearing a Saint Christopher charm is a request for his blessings and good luck. People believe that he helps to ward off misfortunes such as accidents, robberies and poor health when you are travelling.

It is worn to engulf you in an aura of protection to keep you happy, healthy, safe and secure. 

It is a perfect gift for a backpacker, someone going away travelling, or anyone who travels a lot.

Off the Map Jewelleryhas a wide variety of unique and high-quality St Christopher pendantsin solid sterling silver or gold. There are traditional St Christopher pendants in larger sizes, which is perfect for men. There are also dog tag pendant, and other pendant designs including world maps, runes and compasses in a variety of finishes and chains.

Off the Map’s St Christopher pendants also make a great personalised gift for him with a message of your choice engraved on the back.

2. Douchebags Luggage

Luxury luggage has to be the top gift to give a man who loves to travel. A Douchebag is the perfect luxury Christmas gift for him. Even if he can’t travel right now, he will be so excited to step out into the world with his new gear. Douchebags is the epitome of stylish, functional and plain awesome travel luggage for men. 

They have a range of collections in different styles and colours but with their unique and innovative designs. Douchebags also has done special collaborations and collections with travel influences like Do You Travel.

Douchebags have everything from small backpacks to large roll-on suitcases. They also have stylish bags for all your travel mans adventure travel essentials like helmet holders, ski covers and bike bags.

If you really want to go all out you can even buy an actual Igloo made out of Douchebags for an eye-watering 20,000EUR. Now that’s innovation.

3. Personalised travel bottle opener

What man doesn’t love a good bottle opener? Bottle openers are the perfect gift for the travelling man, especially when they come on a keyring! 

They make it easy to pop an ice-cold bottle of beer open no matter where they are. Make it a personalised travel themed bottle opener and you have an incredible (& practical) gift that is also budget-friendly.

These personalised bottle openers from Etsy are super cool and come at a great price.

christmas gifts for him

4. Travel Inspired Drinkware

Following on from bottle openers, drinkware and beer steins make a great Christmas or birthday gift for him. This is the perfect gift if the man you are buying for is very fond of trying different beers or drinks in every country he visits, especially countries in Europe like Belgium or Germany (Oktoberfest anyone!). 

This is a thoughtful gift that will bring back amazing memories and can be used at home, even when he can’t travel.

5. Bluetooth noise-cancelling headphones

It doesn’t matter if the man you are buying for is a backpacker or a luxury traveller, noise-cancelling headphones are the perfect travel gift. They are ideal for flights, long bus or train journeys, zoning out to Netflix in a dorm or relaxing by a luxury pool.

Good noise-cancelling headphones will set you back a few hundred quid but they are worth every penny and are one of the best high-end gifts to give a traveller.

The best part is these headphones can be used by him on a daily basis whether he is travelling or not!

Sony, JBL, Bose, and Beats are all great brands for noise-cancelling headphones.

6. Personalised travel ring

Personalised travel gifts for him are a super special way to show him that you care. A personalised ring makes for a very special gift for the travel-loving man in your life. A ring inspired by travel is something he can take with him everywhere, to be reminded of the world even when he cannot travel.

Off the Map Jewellery has a selection of solid sterling silver rings for men which can be personalised. 

There is a ring for the cycling nut in your life, traditional signet rings, zodiac rings, compass rings and round the world rings which is personalised with the engraving of your countries of choice.

travel gift ideas

7. Personalised Leather Travel Wallet

A personalised leather travel wallet is a great gift for a man who loves a bit of luxury in his life, and it doesn’t need to break the bank!

This is a special gift that is also practical. You can also upgrade this gift by getting a matching luggage tag and passport carrier to go along with it!

Etsy has a great selection of personalised leather travel wallets to choose from. Alternatively, you can find a wallet from your favourite shop and take it to your local leather marking shop to have it personalised yourself.

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8. Travel Mug or Keep Cup

A travel mug or keep cup is the ultimate budget-friendly gift that will keep on giving, even if the man you are buying for can’t travel!

Whether he is a tea or coffee drinker having a travel-inspired mug at home or to take with him on the go will make sure travel inspiration is always nearby. Plus he can take that keep cup with him when he goes travelling once again!

Etsy has a great selection of travel-inspired personalised mugsfor you to choose from.

9. Pocket knife

A pocket knife, or Swiss army knife, is one of the manliest gifts you can give a man who loves to travel. Men love these super masculine yet very practical pocket knives. 

They come in handy for SO MANY things when travelling and when at home. Plus they are a really cool and badass thing to have!

Swiss army knives are excellent quality and a gift that can last a lifetime.

Just remind him not to put it in his carryon!

10. Portable Charger

A portable charger is a no brainer when it comes to good gift ideas for travelling men (or just anyone in general who has a device!). These handy devices can become real lifesavers when on the road, especially with all those photos and google maps directions.

There are so many options when it comes to portable chargers! For travellers looking for ones that are compact, have multiple USB ports and have mAh of over 10,000. Anker PowerCore is a great option that won’t break the bank either!

 11. A Travel Inspired Keyring

A quality keyring is an amazing gift for a man who misses travelling. We all need to hold our keys whether we are travelling or not and a special travel-inspired keyring can bring the essence of adventure right into his back pocket.

Off the Map has a selection of unique keyringsmade out of solid sterling silver. The selection includes everything from climbing shoes, to lucky runic symbols to St Christopher pendants and travel themed engraved charms.

A silver keyring is an amazing keepsake yet practical gift for the man in your life who misses travelling.

12. Portable Speaker

A portable speaker makes an incredible gift for someone travelling. You can’t go wrong! A lightweight portable speaker is ideal. You can carry it with you and listen to your favourite tunes or podcasts where ever you go.

They are also the perfect tool to get the party started with all your new friends that you meet on the road. Portable speakers are also really handy to have on hand even when you aren’t travelling, meaning this is a great all-round gift that is sure to please the man in your life who misses travel.

Look for speakers that are small and waterproof. The JBL Clip 3is perfect for travelling. It is small, waterproof, good quality comes in different colours and can easily clip onto anything. If you are after are more premium portable speaker don’t look any further than the UE Boom range of speakers. They have a range of sizes and colours to suit different budgets, personalities and luggage restrictions!

13. Travel Hammock

A travel hammock is such an amazing gift for the traveller in your life, even if they can’t travel! Put a hammock up in your backyard to bring the tropics to you.

Travel hammocks make a great travel accessory too. They can be used to chill out no matter where you go! If he is really adventurous he can even use the hammock for sleeping. This will be the gift that keeps on giving.

14. A bottle of their favourite foreign alcohol

The type of drinks that were consumed while travelling can bring back the most incredible memories, much like music! So buying a bottle of foreign alcohol from their favourite places is a really meaningful gift, especially if he is pining for the places he once travelled.

Invoke all those special memories for him with a nice drink. Ask him some questions about his favourite places and memories and do your research to find the perfect bottle of beer, wine or liquor to hunt down for him.

15. A voucher for a travel experience at home

If the man you are buying for misses travelling, chances are he is craving those travel experiences. This means buying a voucher for a cool experience in your home town or region makes a great gift for him.

Whether it is a wine tasting, a Thai massage, an amazing restaurant meal, a trip to a skyscraper, a cooking class or something adventurous like skydiving or bungee jumping, chances are there is an awesome travel experience you can spoil him with near you. Do some research and see what experiences are offered around you.

These experiences can be on the pricier side so keep an eye out on sale sites like Groupon who always have discounted experiences up for grabs.

16. GoPro

If you want to go the extra mile and really splurge then a GoPro is the BEST gift for him, especially if he is an adventure addict and loves to capture epic moments.

GoPro’s are portable, high quality, super durable and come with all sorts of nifty accessories. They take incredible photos and videos in almost any situation. This is one gift that will keep on giving and help to create some really special memories in the future. 

There you have it!

16 awesome gift ideas for guys who miss travelling. There is something on this list for every budget and there is something on here that every intrepid man will love and cherish.