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Ubud is a true haven in the Balinese jungle. Not only is it a cultural and spiritual hub in Bali, but it is also a hub for incredible vegan cafes. There is a plethora of beautiful cafes to choose from in Bali serving up world-class food. In Ubud, spirituality, health and wellness permeate every corner which is reflected in the huge amount of cafes that are either fully vegan or have incredible vegan options. 

If you’re coming from a Western country, you’ll be floored at the quality of food you can get for £5, let alone the beautifully designed and extremely aesthetically pleasing locations you’ll find yourself in!

The cafe owners in Ubud also know very well how to cater for the insatiable craving for good coffee! We can probably thank the Aussies for bringing their excellent coffee-making skills and espresso machines with them to Bali!

In this post, we are covering 10 of our favourite vegan-friendly cafes and top places to grab an excellent coffee in Ubud. If you’re planning a trip to Ubud, search these places on Google Maps and save them so that when you are there you can easily see which of these incredible cafes in nearby. 

Ubud is full of incredible hidden gems so don’t feel scared to stray from this list or other recommendations. Be open to surprises and start working on your own list of the best cafes in Ubud!

1. Alchemy

Alchemy was established as a raw vegan restaurant and a place for transformation in 2011 by a group of conscious, creative food enthusiasts.

This is an absolute must-visit cafe for all plant-based and health-conscious lovers! The cafe itself is big, bright and beautiful serving up incredible food from early in the morning til late at night. Most of the food on the menu is raw vegan.

They have an incredible array of healthy drinks, juices and smoothies. Their coffee is excellent and they even have their own version of healthy coffee which is caffeine free!

Alchemy specialises in incredible salads and bowls which are beautifully presented. They even know how to make very convincing ‘eggs’. They have a salad bar, breakfast bar, ice cream bar and an amazing selection of raw vegan treats in the cabinet. Vegan pizzas, however, are their real crowd-pleaser.

Alchemy has a health food store attached selling all sorts of powders and potions that are hard to come by in Bali. Across the road from Alchemy Cafe is their Yoga and Meditation centre which has multiple yoga classes each day in an out-of-this-world-looking outdoor yoga shala. There is no better way to spend a day in Ubud than to head to an Alchemy yoga class followed by an epic food session at the cafe with new friends! 

Alchemy Cafe also has reliable wifi so is great for remote workers. This is truly a one-stop shop and is our personal favourite.

vegan cafe ubud

vegan cafe bali

2. Sayuri Healing Foods

Sayuri Healing Foods is an iconic raw vegan cafe in the heart of Ubud. They have a sprawling cafe with many seating options to choose from in one of the busiest parts of Ubud - not that you’ll know once you’re inside.

Sayuri has an extensive menu full of incredible vegan food from breakfast to dinner. They are so good at what they do, they teach others how to do it as well! They have a raw vegan cooking school and they also host community events every week.

Sayuri Healing Foods is a local haunt and hub for people to come and spend endless amounts of time connecting with others, working remotely (their wifi is excellent) and enjoying all the raw vegan food. 

They also serve up an excellent range of espresso coffee with a large selection of homemade vegan milk to choose from.

raw vegan cafe ubud

3. Zest

Zest in Ubud is another iconic establishment in Ubud that you must visit at least once while you’re there. It is a little away from the mania of Ubud centre, past a street sign telling you to 'embrace the mystery' up a big driveway, and through a grand gate. Here you will find a jungle oasis fit for royalty. This is Zest!

Zest is another fully vegan cafe that is open from breakfast through til dinner. They have a varied menu with everything from smoothie bowls to sushi. They’re famous for their sushi selection and sharing plates. Their coffee is worth waking up for as well!

The vibe in Zest is buzzing. The cafe itself is massive and fitted out with Bohemian-style furnishings. Once you arrive, you won’t want to leave. This is a great place to hang out with friends or attend one of their weekly events.

4. Dharma Coffee & Juice

Dharma Coffee and Juice is an incredible cafe to visit for a morning coffee and brunch. Their menu is bursting full of plant-based goodness and their coffee is excellent.

They have a selection of pre-made freshly pressed juices, gelato and raw treats to grab something on the go. Plus they also have a store selling health food items and supplements for health-conscious travellers.

This cafe is located on a busy road so is an excellent pit stop as you move around Ubud. There are plenty of tables and great wifi making this an excellent spot to work.

5. Yellow Flower Cafe

Hidden in the alleyways of the Sayan area in Ubud, you will find Yellow Flower Cafe. This cafe is a true hidden gem, although we think the secret may be out!

Yellow Flower Cafe is a gorgeous cafe which you can only reach on foot. It has an array of beautiful seating options and a stunning volcano view on a clear day. It is a quiet haven in the midst of one of the busiest places outside Denpasar!

Yellow Flower Cafe isn’t fully vegan but they have an abundance of vegan options to choose from. Their coffee is excellent and comes with their homemade plant-based milk. 

What makes Yellow Flower Cafe special, apart from the unreal location, is the amount of flavour they pack into their food. They know what they are doing! Their vegan Nasi Campur will blow your mind and their smoothie bowl tasted like it was made by a magician! 

Another important thing to note about Yellow Flower Cafe is that it is fully owned and run by locals, which is hard to come by in many of the cafes catering to tourists. When you support Yellow Flower Cafe, you are supporting locals. They also sell beautiful jewellery which is locally made and just adds to their charm.

6. Paddy Point Warung

Paddy Point is a local warring serving up cheap and cherry Indonesian and Balinese dishes amid the majestic rice paddies, hence the name! Paddy Point is rather hidden and requires a bit of walking to get to, with no car access. However, it is worth the effort.

Follow a small winding road that takes you up into fields of gorgeous rice paddies and eventually you will find Paddy Point. They have these cute outdoor shacks you can sit in and watch the sun go down behind the rice paddies.

Paddy Point doesn't open until 5 pm so isn’t the spot if you’re after your morning fix. However, if you want somewhere special (and quiet!) to head for sunset, this is the place. We recommend going for a long sunset walk up through the rice paddies and heading back to Paddy Point to cool down and refuel.

Paddy Point isn’t vegan but their vegetarian curries are vegan and they can make other vegetarian dishes vegan on request. Their Balinese curry is to die for! Also, Paddy Point won’t even come close to breaking the bank! You can have a full meal here for less than the cost of one drink at all of the other cafes previously mentioned (which are all extremely cheap by Western standards!).

7. Prima Vegetarian Warung

Prima Vegetarian Warung is another local cafe that is a must-visit, especially if you are a vegetarian. All of their food is pure vegetarian and mainly vegan. The menu is very basic with only one or two options but they certainly deliver.

This charming cafe has no frills and is run by an older Balinese couple who are incredibly friendly. They alone will make you want to keep coming back!

Note that this cafe closes quite early and isn’t open at all on some days so you might walk past to find it closed. Don’t give up, it is definitely worth visiting, just try to head there as early as possible.

8. Warung Bukit Sari

On the face of it, this warung is just a regular local restaurant, however, what makes it special and the reason it made it to this list is its location. It is located at the top of the Campuhan Ridge walk. The Campuhan Ridge walk is an incredible pathway through the dense jungle, complete with mystical temples and bridges at the beginning. 

Once you reach the top, you step through some traditional ‘Bali’ style gates and just to the right you will see Warung Bukit Sari. Head in to cool down with a fresh coconut or Bintang and perch on the elevated floor seating or barstool set up overlooking the most beautiful dense Ubudian jungle you can imagine. If you’re lucky you may spot some squirrels or monkeys in the trees!


KAFE is another insanely popular haunt in Ubud, and for good reason. KAFE is a tropical cafe with a load of vegetarian and vegan options (it’s not fully vegan). KAFE uses organic, natural, locally sourced and health-focused ingredients to prepare all of their meals. using organic & health-conscious ingredients.

Their menu features raw, gluten-free and macrobiotic dishes from around the world.

A health and environmental-conscious cafe, whose menu reflects this. They also serve up delicious coffee, smoothies and juices. KAFE also serves wine and some dishes with meat so there is really something for everyone!

10. Ubud Coffee Roasters

When you stop into Ubud Coffee Roasters for a moment you may feel like you have been transported to a coffee shop in Melbourne. This ultra-cool cafe is cosy and has one big focus - coffee! They have all of the hipster varieties of coffee on offer, so whether you want a regular cappuccino or something a bit more alternative, this is the place!

If you are a coffee lover, do yourself a favour and head over to Ubud Coffee Roasters to start your morning right.

As a final note, all of these cafes are more than suitable for dining alone for solo travellers. You will feel comfortable and welcome and you may even make some amazing friends in the process!

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