Traveller Keepsafe Heavyweight Silver Bracelet

Good luck and positive energy for your travels and adventures - a unique Off The Map silver keep-safe charm inscribed with positive and lucky travel symbols with a space for your initials, attached to a tough, weighty silver bracelet.

With two lengths to choose from, this is a hard wearing and statement bracelet for the journeys and adventures to come. The traveller keepsafe charm slides easily over the chain, which is made in the UK from the finest silver chain, so you can carry your travel symbols with you.

The etched symbols give this original bracelet meaning for the journey ahead:

  • The Sun - a celebration of the earth and nature at its purest
  • The Footprint - a reminder to leave only the gentle mark of your footprint behind
  • The Compass - to steer you in the right direction, wherever your journey takes you 
  • The @ symbol - tag them, mention them, write them a postcard but don't forget those @ home

Perfect for:

  • Backpackers, Adventurers and Globetrotters
  • Gap Year Travellers
  • Frequent Fliers
  • Keen Cyclists



Bracelet measures 6.5mm thick, and comes in either 7.5" or 8.5" length, fitting both men and women.

Traveller charm measures 14mm across at the widest point and is a hallmarked solid silver 5 sided nut shape.

Each bracelet is made to order in approximately 2-3 working days.


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