Travel Rune Lucky Silver Rucksack Tag


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Not everyone going travelling wears jewellery, but the meaning of a St Christopher and the good luck it brings is believed by many to bring them luck on their journey. 

In a similar way, our original Off The Map Lucky Rune Rucksack Tag is carved with lucky Runic symbols to protect a world traveller.

The sacred marks of the runic alphabet were one of the earliest forms of writing and were used as carved protective symbols - bringing luck and protection to those who carried them with them. Each tag comes hand stitched to a meaning card and is presented in a gift box - a perfect going away gift.

The runes engraved are:

Raido - Travel

Dagaz - Enlightenment

Aligz - Protection

Berkano - New Beginnings

Fehu - Freedom

Ehwaz - Travel For Pleasure

Perfect for:

  • Backpackers, Adventurers and Globetrotters
  • Gap Year Travellers
  • Frequent Fliers
  • Keen Cyclists
  • Adventure Sportspersons
  • Hikers


Dimensions and materials:

Rune tag is solid sterling silver and measures 40mm long x 5mm high and has four holes to be easily sewn into your backpack or day sack.

Care: Keep silver away from sunscreen, mosquito spray, perfume and similar products to avoid tarnishing and discoloration.
All jewellery is shipped with free international delivery, and is presented in a branded gift box.